Grant Case Assessment

To get GRA's opinion on the likely success (in our hands) of a professionally presented and negotiated case for grant aid to help fund your project, please provide the details as below:

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Please evaluate my case for grant aid on a FREE of CHARGE basis initially 
(based upon the most applicable grant scheme)

First Name:
Project Title
Capital Ex - Yr 1
Capital Ex - Yr 2
Capital Ex - Yr 3
Briefly describe basis of Project:
Post Code:
Location PCode:
Tel No:
Parent Company
(if part of Group:)
Head Office:
Mobile Tel:
Outcome of NOT doing project?
Principle Activity of Company:
Alternative location worldwide?
Forecast TO (end Yr3) with Project?
No. of Employees at this site at start?
Forecast No. of Employees at site by end Project?

I confirm the reasonable accuracy of the information herein provided (check here)

Pressing 'Submit' sends this form to GRA as your explicit instruction and confirms the information given as accurate to your best belief.

It is accepted by GRA that the project is hypothetical at this stage,

BUT please NOTE that prior to any grant offer being made, it is very important that you do NOT commence the project in any way.

You will receive an email giving our opinion, which may invite further dialogue.

Please give fullest information which will be treated in strict commercial confidence .

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