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on UK Grant Schemes of importance to all Manufacturing Industry and to those Service Sector Companies with a nation-wide facility.

Of interest to ALL companies in the process of planning or considering any major investment in mainland Great Britain.

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Growth Resourcing Associates Ltd is pleased to welcome you, and hopes you will bookmark this site as an important business resource you will wish to return to over and over.

The aim of the site is to provide up to date informed information which Business Owners, Managers and their Advisors can utilise to consider the best funding sources to facilitate their business planning at the earliest stages.

Capital Resources, particularly if given FREE as the gift of UK Government, is always hard to find - it is therefore wise to consult GRA Ltd directly at the earliest opportunity to maximise grant potential.

But first, ALL the funding resources on this site should be perused so as to get a clearer idea of those resources which seems most appropriate to your individual ambitions and business planning.

Registration is required so as to gain access to the whole site - the process will not take many minutes, and the information imparted will be held by GRA in strict commercial confidentiality, and not disclosed without authority.

Please go now to our registration page to get immediate FREE access. We welcome this and your future visits, and hope to be of assistance to you.



GRA - The Team



Roger Davies
Managing Director

With a long experience of solution finding at Boardroom level right across British Business, the addition of more than 20 years experience of the UK grant regime has complimented a natural ability to bring an overall creativity to maintaining a successful record of funding projects of all sizes to enable and facilitate strategic approaches to investment within the grant eligible areas of the UK by GRA' s disparate clients.

Roger Wright
Area A
pplications Director
N West / N Wales

As well as taking a more senior role, after some years with GRA covering the West Midlands, Roger Wright continues to bring his most diligent approach to bear to achieve the best successes possible in pursuit of large grant awards for those clients of GRA who are seeking maximum GBI grants (or RSA in N Wales)to assist their investment plans come to the best possible implementation and fruition.

Ian Lowe
Area A
pplications Director
West Midlands
/N West /South Wales

Ian Lowe brings to bear many years experience of management and business development in both Construction and all aspects of General Manufacturing Industry with the prospect of fruitful results by way of the successfully argued applications by GRA to attain large GBI grant awards to help in the expansion of his personal GRA client portfolio.

Grant A
pplication Preparation and Negotiation Team

Led by Roger Davies, and with a background of direct involvement with BIS, local Regional Development Agencies, (RDA's), and other Regional Government and Economic Departments, the continuing success of GRA's Applications Team members remain as the driving force and engine house within a back office function and private and confidential area for the benefit of all GRA's clients.


Over 20 years of successful grant applications at GRA

In over eighteen years, we have never lost a case although from time to time we have been involved in some very tough negotiations to ensure an outcome of recognition of our client's case for grant support.

Of course, it has to be recognised that we do not take on a case unless we feel confident that we can win on behalf of our client. It is this aspect, that has underpinned GRA's continuing success story.

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