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The Assisted Areas for Scotland

The ASSISTED AREAS of Great Britain are based upon a map drawn up and agreed with the European Commission. The latest map has now been formally approved by the European Commission will run from 1st July 2014 until 31st December 2020.

Click to see searchable Area OS Map by BIS


Assisted Areas are those areas where regional aid can be offered to undertakings, typically businesses, under Commission state aid rules. In the UK the main examples of schemes which include offering regional aid are:

    Regional Growth Fund - operates in England and supports projects and programmes that are using private sector investment to create economic growth and sustainable employment.

    Regional Selective Assistance - primary Scottish scheme under the Regional Aid Guidelines and is administered by Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Scottish Enterprise. Grants may be given in conjunction with support under other aid frameworks, for example R&D or skills and training.

    Welsh Government Business Finance - offers discretionary financial support to eligible businesses in key business sectors and certain strategically important projects outside these. It helps fund capital investment, job creation, research, development and innovation and certain eligible revenue projects throughout Wales.

    Selective Financial Assistance - provides support for investment in Northern Ireland by indigenous and foreign owned companies that creates, maintains or safeguards employment. The scheme aims to achieve higher levels of business growth, leading to long-term high quality employment.

Assisted Areas status can also offer certain tax allowances:

Business Premises Renovation Allowance (BPRA) is predicated on Assisted Area status. It gives an incentive to bring derelict or unused properties back into use, by giving an initial allowance of 100% for expenditure on converting or renovating unused business premises in a disadvantaged area.

The Enhanced Capital Allowances permitted at some Enterprise Zones are reliant on Assisted Area status.

Many business support schemes provide other forms of assistance and do not depend on Assisted Area status. Such funding is aimed at tackling specific market failures that can occur regardless of geography, such as aid for R&D, training or environmental protection.

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Round 6 Bids announced

176 bids were submitted with a total ask of £817 million. Round 6 winners included JLR in the West Midlands which is among 12 West Midlands firms to share in £54.9 million in this region.

In total £297 million has been awarded across the UK with 63 regional projects being successful - again around 70% of bids failed to be approved - and bringing the total grants awarded to date under RGF to £2.85bn.

A new round 7 is likely to be announced soon since the scheme has been extended by EU to 2020.

Click here for full details.

RGF Round 6 - Bidding closed 30th Sept - did YOU miss out?'

176 bids seek £817 Million

Round 6 of the Regional Growth Fund opened on 19th June 2014. with £200 million of RGF support on offer to private companies.

Bidders have oversubscribed by more than 4 times the amount on offer, meaning that 75-80% of the applications will be rejected, demonstrating yet again, as in previous RGF rounds how essential it is for a case for grant aid under RGF to be well made.

Those bids that are selected for support will have until March 2017 to draw down the RGF funding which is payable in instalments, usually in proportion to the project cash outflow and jobs created and/or safeguarded, so projects put forward must be capable of completion by this date.

All other criteria of the RGF scheme must be satisfied, and locations of the projects must also qualify under the new Regional State Aid Map which came into operation from 1st July 2014.

Round 6 was focused exclusively on the private sector with the usual minimum bid threshold set at £1 million in grant aid - this could equate to approximately 10% of the capital costs of an investment project under the new state aid rules effective 1st July 2014.

Click here for full details.

Get Help Now for Round 7


we expect a further round of RGF to be announced soon.

Expert help is clearly needed to make a successful bid - call GRA - we are ready to help.

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Background and History of Previous Rounds of RGF

Round 5 Bids announced

133 bids were submitted with a total ask of £650 million.

Click here for full details.

RGF Round 5 is CLOSED

In the latest spending round the Treasury announced in June 2013, that a further £600 million funding was made available for the Regional Growth Fund (RGF) across 2015-16 and 2016-17 to support projects and programmes to create economic growth and sustain private sector employment.
BIS and Treasury Ministers are considering the scope and timings for opening Round 5. £300M has been made available with the focus this time on Companies who wish to invest with the support of £1M or more in RGF grant aid - subject to all conditions of the RGF scheme, and who qualify under State Aid Rules, and successfully demonstrating a clear and winning case for RGF grant aid.

Bidding closed at noon on 9th December so the ideal time to get ready to finally submit a successful bid is NOW - so call or email GRA today.

There was again a high number of rejected bids of 80% of all applicants. RGF 4 Closed 20th March 2013 and 60 Winners were announced on 11th July - once more demonstrating a high failure rate out of the total of 221 short listed applicants despite extra funding of £156M being added to the original £350M pot available.

It seemed that the 4th Round of Regional Growth Fund which was declared as open for bids by Nick Clegg on 17th January would be the LAST Chance for RGF. The £350 million fund was announced in the Autumn Statement by Chancellor, George Osborne, and closed for bids on March 20th at noon. There was also to be some further monies available under the AMSCI scheme which was allocated £120M for two further rounds in 2013. The detail of this is similar to RGF rules but intended for Supply Chain companies specifically with some additional related criteria to make a winning case for these funds. Details are available by specific request on this.

Round 3 allocations were announced on 19th October 2012 with 87 project winners receiving grants from the total £1.0B awarded reduced from the original 414 applications received, seeking a total of £2.76 billion. 278 bids had been short-listed with a combined value of just over £2.1billion. The failure rate of 4 out of 5 is line with the results from Round 1 and 2, and underlines the need for a professional approach to ensure success for would be RGF bidders. It is important to remember that all criteria MUST be met including Sate Aid rules compliance, and a rigorous due diligence is undertaken before confirmation of all offers made by BIS in principle. GRA is well versed in all aspects of assisting clients to a winning solution. Please fell free to contact us for an initial no obligation chat..

Round 4 applications have now been summarised by BIS with a total of 221 project bids, and 88 programme bids seeking £1.88M against an allocation for this round of £350K - an 80% failure to win funding is thus indicated. Again it demonstrates the imperative of making an outstanding application within the scope of a professionally produced and advised documentation.

If you were previously a loser, or now have a potential project for RGF funding and want to succeed in a final last chance, you should take the gamble out of the process with our professional support to make a winning bid (we don't take on cases unless we believe they are winnable in our hands)
- then please contact GRA.

Round 3: £1Bn additional RGF

BIDS CLOSED 13th June 2012

Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister announced a third bidding round for the additional £1.0Bn Regional Growth Fund in the 2011 Autumn Statement.

AUGUST 15th 2012 UPDATE:
BIS Announced as follows:

Under Round 3, 414 applications have been received, seeking funding to the total of £2.76 billion. Ministers will seek to allocate the full £1 billion, although further rounds may be considered.

We received applications for both projects and programmes (please see the Glossary for definitions) and the split between them is as follows:

Projects: 284 applications
Programmes: 130 applications

This number of applications is substantial, asking for two and a half times the money that we have available, with a good mix of applications from right across the country.

The initial stage of the appraisal process has now been completed. 278 bids have been short-listed with a combined value of over £2.1billion. The breakdown between projects and programmes is as follows:

Projects: 198 applications
Programmes: 80 applications

Not all short-listed projects and programmes will be funded.

134 projects have been unsuccessful at this stage in the process. Following recommendations from the Independent Advisory Panel, Ministers agreed that these bids did not demonstrate their ability to deliver RGF objectives as strongly as others.

An announcement of the successful bids will be made in the autumn 2012.


The second round of bidding for the remaining £940M on offer from the Regional Growth Fund received a total of 492 bids requesting an aggregated amount of £3.3 Billion. The North West of England was the highest of all the regions with 140 bids, accounting for 28 per cent of all the bids received. Overall 330 of the total number of bids received are bidding for between £1 million and £5 million, and the pattern is not too different from Round 1, where 50 successful bidders from the first round shared £450m if passing the final hurdle of due diligence.

Bids have now been evaluated and 119 winning bids have been announced details on the BIS web site here.

With a good in depth experience of how to make a winning RGF application and proven success for clients in Round 2, GRA can help you to be a winner in a Final 4th and last bidding round.

SUMMARY of Second Round
RGF bids published by BIS

RGF Round 2

The Regional Growth Fund first bidding round of applications, which closed on 21st January, was oversubscribed with 464 bids totalling £2.78 Billion. Interestingly Round 2 seems to be not so different at 492 bids totalling £3.3 Billion although there were many more Public sectors bids as well as programme bids.

Round 1 RGF bids

RGF 1st Round

Lord Heseltine is chair of the panel that allocates the RGF grants of one Million and more from the £3.2bn fund aimed at boosting regional economies.

The Regional Growth Fund supports projects in England offering economic growth, including the creation of jobs, especially in areas heavily reliant on public-sector employment.

Lord Heseltine, a Tory former deputy prime minister, said: "This exciting project ... builds on the experiences I've had in helping people in deprived areas to help themselves and their communities achieve aspirations that, without schemes of this sort, might be possible.


We are certain there will be further chances to enter winning bids if early preparation is ensured, so take the gamble out by using our professional expertise

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