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The English Regions


Click Logos to go to individual RDA web sites.


  1. North West - NWDA East of England
  2. Yorkshire & The Humber -Yorkshire Forward
  3. North East - One North East
  4. West Midlands -Advantage West Midlands
  5. East Midlands - East Midlands Development Agency
  6. East of England - EEDA
  7. South West - SWDA
  8. London - London Development Agency
  9. South East - SEEDA

Since 1st April 2002, the RDA's have responsibility to deliver the Grant for Business Investment ( formerly Selective Finance for Investment) scheme with responsibility for decisions to provide up to £2.0M grant support.

Above this limit GBI applications also are directly handled by DBERR in London.

Small and Medium Firms have their own schemes for investment and innovation support, also delivered by the RDA's with and in conjunction with Business Links (see England Tier 3).

Article 87(3)(a) Aid ceilings in England

Article 87(3)(c) Aid ceilings in English regions

Click to see Aid Ceilings Map

N.B.  SMEs with projects that meet the criteria of the GBI scheme may be entitled to a supplement in addition to the above aid ceilings.


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Assisted Areas - England


English regions are divided into the nine RDA's as shown above.

Grant Aid (GBI): Grant Aid of more than £2M is usually referred to BIS in London for direct appraisal - this grant is only available for exceptional cases.

GBI under £2M: Grant Aid of up £2M is usually appraised by the GBI section of the relevant RDA in which the project is to take place - no longer available.

The minimum grant that can be applied for is £10,000, so a company will need to be spending between £50,000 and £100,000 to trigger the minimum amount of grant. This will depend on the location of the project and also the size of the business.

GBI for SME's in Tier 3 areas:For SME's in Tier 3 areas, for example, if a company employs 200 people and the project is located in a Tier 3 area, it is eligible to apply for 10% of the project costs as an GBI grant. So it would need to be spending £100,000 on capital items to trigger the minimum grant.

Wales has similar aid schemes as the English Regions but delivered through the Welsh Assembly Government as RSA Cymru through the Single Investment Fund.

Scotland's similar aid schemes in the form of RSA are delivered by the Scottish Parliament.

Key Grant Areas are:

Tier 1: Articles 87(3)a

Tier 2: Articles 87(3)c

Tier 3: Areas of identified special need agreed with the European Union in 2007

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